Smarter Way to Hire

Why You Should Hire Smart

Outdated recruiting processes are frustrating to the candidates you need most. Save time and money by meeting your future employees right where they are – on their phone and on the go.

The Smarter Way to Hire

Tap into the next generation of workers with the Smarter Way to Hire text-based mobile app.

Hire candidates in less than 24hrs

You need top talent and you need it now. Hire your next employee in 24 hours or less.

Be the first to reach out to potential candidates

There's nothing worse than losing a great candidate to your competition. Be the first to get in front of your top prospects so they hear your offer first.

Reduced overhead

Recruiting can be a costly business expense, both in terms of money and your time. Reduce your recruiting overhead by hiring qualified candidates faster and more efficiently.

Make your life as a hiring manager less stressful and more effective

Ditch the stress of finding and hiring your team. Let them come to you through an effortless text-based application process.

Provide opportunities for people to apply in 5 minutes or less.

The next generation of candidates don’t live on their desktop, or even their laptop, and they have more avenues to find work than ever before. To keep up with the times, you need an application process that can be filled out from anywhere, in 5 minutes or less.

Bring your hiring process into the 21st century

Lengthy online applications and portals, - or worse, paper applications - have gone the way of yesterday. Make sure you don’t lose out on the opportunity to recruit top candidates because of your outdated hiring process.

Fully automated and customizable scripts so you can ask the right questions

Your business is unique, and so is your hiring process. Ask your candidates the questions that are relevant to your business with our fully automated and customizable scripts.

Hassle free hiring in just minutes

It doesn’t get any easier than a mobile and text messaging-based application process, both for you and your candidates. Smarter Way to Hire lets you cut down your time costly hiring process from days to just minutes.


About the company

Here's How It Works

Hire the next generation of employees with Smarter Way to Hire.

Automated video interview questions

Text-based hiring isn’t void of personality gaging. Your applicants will be able to answer interview questions through uploaded video, thus eliminating the first round of in-person interviews.

Fully integratable

You can integrate your Smarter Way to Hire account with your preferred recruiting site. Your candidates will get a text to continue their application process directly after they apply on the website.

Automated interview scheduling

Easy and quick automated interview scheduling based on your availability. You choose the dates and times, and we’ll get your candidates scheduled and even automatically rescheduled when needed! Once the interview is scheduled, both you and your candidates will receive calendar invites.