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Start Up

$99 / month
($1.98/applicant), $1,188 billed annually
  • Up to 50 applicants per month
  • Additional bundles of 10 applications can be purchased for $30
  • Annual Savings of $297


$149 / month
($1.75/applicant) $1,788 billed annually
  • Up to 85 applicants per month
  • Additional bundles of 10 applications can be purchased for $30
  • Annual Savings of $447


$249 / month
($1.66/applicant) $2,988 billed annually
  • Up to 150 applicants per month
  • Additional bundles of 10 applications can be purchased for $30
  • Annual Savings of $747


Need more than 150 applications per month? Contact our sales team for enterprise level hiring solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does interview scheduling work?

Setup availability with dates and blocks of time, and SWTH does the rest, including scheduling, applicant or employer reschedules, calendar invites and even blocking for vacation times.

What is a script?

A script is a customizable sequence of automated questions. The employer determines the questions to ask and the applicant replies, via a text conversation, to answer the questions.

What does an application script look like?

Your script can be as simple as:

  1. Applicant: hire me
  2. Employer: Hi! Thanks for your interest in working for us. What is your first name?
  3. Applicant: Lorem
  4. Employer: Okay Lorem, what is your last name?
  5. Applicant: Ipsum
  6. Employer: Thank you. Now send a 1-2m video telling us why you want to work here.
  7. Applicant: [sends video]
  8. Employer: Got it! That’s all! Our hiring manager will contact you soon.

You can tell the script to send an email to one or more email addresses notifying you of a completed application. The email includes a link that will take them directly to the application, which looks like a “chat” between the applicant and your employer-script responses. A link for any multimedia messages will be in the chat for you to view your applicant’s video responses.

What if an applicant sends a response that the script isn’t expecting?

Each script sequence includes error responses that you can use to instruct an applicant to send an appropriate response.

How long does set up take?

Your account can be created in minutes by running through one of our automated scripts. Once you have your account credentials, we have default scripts you can add and use in minutes. Customization and tweaking of scripts may take a little longer.

Is the app integratable with my current process?

Yes! Smarter Way to Hire can integrate with your current recruiting platforms.

How much money will this save us?

This product automates the entire hiring process. One of our users stated “the ability to quickly pre-screen candidates using video submissions has saved us time, money, and given us the ability to focus on other things. It’s quick and easy to use. I can’t imagine going back to the old way of doing things. This is the future of hiring!

Do candidates like applying this way?

Yes! We have received great feedback from applying via text. Applicants are familiar with texting so applying via text seems like a logical progression.

Hire Smarter

Tap into the next generation of employees by meeting them where they are – on their phone & on the go.

Fully automated and customizable scripts so you can ask the right questions

Your business is unique, and so is your hiring process. Ask your candidates the questions that are relevant to your business with our fully automated and customizable scripts.

Automated interview scheduling

Easy and quick automated interview scheduling based on your availability. You choose the dates and times, and we’ll get your candidates scheduled in the app. Once the interview is scheduled, both you and your candidates will receive calendar invites.

Hassle free hiring in just minutes

It doesn’t get any easier than a mobile and text messaging-based application process, both for you and your candidates. Smarter Way to Hire lets you cut down your time costly hiring process from days to just minutes.