Smarter Way to Hire

What does an application script look like?

Your script can be as simple as:

  1. Applicant: hire me
  2. Employer: Hi! Thanks for your interest in working for us. What is your first name?
  3. Applicant: Lorem
  4. Employer: Okay Lorem, what is your last name?
  5. Applicant: Ipsum
  6. Employer: Thank you. Now send a 1-2m video telling us why you want to work here.
  7. Applicant: [sends video]
  8. Employer: Got it! That’s all! Our hiring manager will contact you soon.

You can tell the script to send an email to one or more email addresses notifying you of a completed application. The email includes a link that will take them directly to the application, which looks like a “chat” between the applicant and your employer-script responses. A link for any multimedia messages will be in the chat for you to view your applicant’s video responses.